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TeamSquirt's Keeani - "The Asian Sensation"

It was a hot saturday afternoon in Florida. Mike and I went out to get some chinese for lunch. We met this petite asian girl named Keeani at the restaurant. We invited her back to our place to relax in the shade and kick back next to our pool. The entire time i could not keep my eyes off Keeani's chest. She wasn't wearing a bra and her perky cones were poking through her tiny pink shirt. When dave complimented her on her tan, Keeani told us she only sun baths in the nude. Luckily Dave had the balls to ask her if she wanted to tan on our patio. She stood up and slowly pulled off her pants, then laid back down and pulled up her shirt. She was too horny to concentrate on getting a tan, she wanted to get off.

Dave got some good action with Keeani, but once she was close to her climax she wanted to go off by herself. We watched intently as she laid back and clenched her clam and rubbed in a circle. Her leg muscles tightened as she let a spray loose three feet into the air.